Entrevista a Matt Wegrzynes un domainer.

Matt Wegrzynes es un domainer (vendedor de dominios) que ha logrado tener relevancia en el mundillo de los dominios por ventas logradas como las de Stern.com u Ocassion.com, de las que no se ha revelado su costo pero sin embargo se dice que son algunos miles de dólares, sin embargo lo que más llama la atención de Matt no es su profesión sino su edad ya que no supera los 20 años.

En la entrevista concedida a Retiré@21 en idioma Inglés, Matt comenta algunas cosas muy interesantes de su trabajo:

What advice would you give someone who wants to make money online Domaining?


Well I think the important part here is to first pick out a niche that the domainer is interested in. I was interested in the forum niche, since I was going to actually build forum websites.


Then after you pick out your niche, study recent sales of domain names in that niche. They don’t have to be something like “games.com” if your niche is “Video Games”. But maybe something like AvidGamer.com, or Xbox360Gaming.com, etc. And then once you figure out the value of these types of domain names, it is time to find good deals out there for them. You can find perfect deals on the forums such as Namepros.com and Dnforum.com, or even on Ebay.com or Sedo.com.


Then when you get it, post it for sale everywhere – TalkFreelance.com, SitePoint, NamePros, DigitalPoint forums, Dnforum, etc. And keep bumping the thread, or creating a new one once every maybe 5 days to keep it fresh. Try different time of day. Some users only go on in the evening after work, while other users may go on only during work. Many times users such as developers, gamers, and geeks may search these forums for domains to buy at night since that’s when they are active. 😉 So really – try everything.


And what I noticed once was, the domains that are hard to sell, never sold in day time. But at night, sometimes I got the sales for my BIN price.

En resumen Busca un nicho, trabaja sobre el, cuando tengas una idea de nombre de dominio cómpralo y luego promociona su venta, de seguro con el pasar de las noches el comprador llegará.